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Welcome to History-of-Israel.org

The overall desire behind this website is to contribute to securing Israel's continued existence as a Jewish and democratic state, through the achievement of a just and permanent peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors, based on a realistic compromise, which will require concessions from both sides.

Though peace is a goal most likely shared by a majority of both Israelis and Palestinians, it is doubtful that the parties would be able to make sufficient progress without the participation and assistance of the international community.

If we in the West wish to make a constructive contribution to the resolution of the conflict, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of the underlying issues. And since our policies, to a large extend, are driven by public opinion, it is necessary that not only politicians, but also the public at large, have a reasonably nuanced picture of what is going on in this important part of the world.

This is first and foremost the responsibility of the media and educational institutions, a responsibility which many of these often fail to live up to. On the contrary, it is not uncommon to witness such institutions, deliberately or not, taking direct part in the distortion and manipulation of facts, both historic and current.

The purpose of this website is therefore to give an easily accessible, yet accurate presentation of the history of the modern state of Israel, in order to provide a background for a better understanding of the long-running conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbors.

The material can be used by students from high school to university level, teachers, journalists, politicians and anyone else interested in obtaining more knowledge on the subject.

This English language project is an offshoot of the Danish website Israel-Online.dk, which aims to combat misinformation about Israel in the Danish media. A Danish version of the historical presentation can be found at IsraelsHistorie.dk.

All material on this site is written by Dan Harder. All rights reserved © 2009-2023.


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