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More Reading

Since history is not an exact science, it is important to always match up several souces describing the same event. Below is a small selection of high quality literature on the subject.

Sources on the internet are also quite useful, but have a tendency to vary a lot in quality and level of factual accuracy. Visit the links section for a choice of useful websites.

History Books:

Howard M. Sachar - A History Of Israel
A very high quality and thorough book (1153 pages). For someone really interested in the subject. A detailed examination of the history of modern Israel from the rise of Zionism to the Oslo process. More info here.

David Fromkin - A Peace To End All Peace
A highly acclaimed historical study of the diplomatic entanglements before, during and after World War I, which led to the making of the modern Middle East. A relatively "heavy", but very exciting work. More info here.

J.N. Westwood - The History Of The Middle East Wars
Specifically about the military aspects of the Middle east wars from Israel's War of Independence in 1948 to the first Gulf War in 1991. More info here. Available also in an alternative version called "The History of War in the Middle East" from 2003.
More info here.

Michael Oren - Six Days Of War
A detailed examination of the Six Day War in 1967, from the events that led up to the war, across the fighting itself, to the cease-fire that ended the war. More info here.

Dealing with books on the Arab-Israeli conflict, it is important to be aware of the author's intentions with writing the book. It is of course safer to read "real" history books, such as the ones listed above, that were written out of a genuine and professional desire to portray the history as correctly as possible.

Other books are written specifically in order to promote a certain perspective. Those books are absolutely useful too, and are often more easily read. Only one must bear in mind that it is often the personal view of the author that is expressed through a simplistic representation of history.





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